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Dale G. Alexander, Ph.D. M.A. B.S.Ed. L.M.T.

Author of the Inside-Out Paradigm©



November 11 & 12, Miami, FLORIDA

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Your clients will truly thank you for having taken these courses.

Also please note: Prior to attending workshops, participants are encouraged to review the instructor’s published articles at www.massagetoday.com.

Registration begins for most Saturday/Sunday Workshops at 8:30 am, with Workshops from 9 am - 6 pm both days.  There will be breaks, with a longer midday break for lunch.

Bring massage table, linens, 3 pillows, viscous lubricant, sports bras and shorts (not tights please) and snacks for your blood sugar.

Participants have the opportunity to schedule a session with Dale for their personal learning or somatic difficulties.  Sessions should be scheduled 2-3 weeks ahead of South Florida Workshops, and further ahead for Workshops located elsewhere; sessions scheduled after the event begins will be on an as-available basis.


The Aspiration to Prevent Hip, Knee & Shoulder Replacements

Dale G. Alexander PhD, MA, LMT

Dates: November 11 & 12, 2017

Credits: 16 NCB & Florida Approved CE hours

Location: Educating Hands Massage School

260 NE 17th Terrace, Miami, Florida 33132

America’s aging population wants to stay active!  We can help them if we have the skill sets and the awareness of how to recognize the early, middle and the later stages of these 3 most common joint degenerations.

Approximately twice as many knee replacement surgeries (719,000) are performed each year in contrast to hip replacements (332,000), as reported in 2010; typically 53,000 shoulder replacements are done each year.

What an amazing contribution we might make as a profession if we could reduce those frequencies even by a small percentage.  Moreover, imagine the human suffering we might ease to assist clients to improve their function as well as to reduce their pain.  And, consider how our profession’s image might be transformed as we assist the quality of life for our country’s baby boomers.

The techniques you will learn in this course are elegantly clear and straight forward.

Commit to enhancing your anatomic understanding and hands-on skills and realize the prosperity you deserve!

This course is open to massage therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and movement therapists. All inquiries will be answered.

Dates:  November 11 & 12, Saturday & Sunday

Hours: 9 am - 6 pm with a lunch break

Price: $325

Deposit: $100, non-refundable

Discounted Price: $295, 4 weeks prior to workshop

Link to Educating Hands: https://www.educatinghands.com/2017_preventhip-2/

Contact: seminars@educatinghands.com to secure your registration for this course or call 305-285-6991.

Course address: Educating Hands at 260 NE 17th Terrace, Miami, FL 33132.

“Enlightening! Truly useful techniques for assisting clients with hip, knee, or shoulder problems.”

“So many light bulbs went off! I can’t wait to see my next client!”

“Dale’s teaching style is superb. He makes it all so simple!”

“The idea that what goes on Inside rules how we function will transform what I do with my clients ”

“I never considered the role of the esophagus in how it may influence head position.”

“After taking this workshop, I will treat clients with whiplash very differently.”

“I have so many clients with Low Back issues. Now I have the skills to more effectively assist them.”

“Phenomenally effective work ! Essential for clients with chronic conditions.”

“Soup to nuts, a practical and comprehensive course. The finest I’ve experienced.”

“The simplicity of the techniques and the power of the effect was incredible!”

“An amazing course in understanding the internal and “unseen” impact on cervical dysfunction.”

“A concise course that will help a broad spectrum of my clients’ needs.”

“Very informative, intellectually challenging yet, easy to understand. All of the information tied together beautifully. Your courses provide large pieces of the puzzle so that we can make lasting healing changes with our clients.”

“Your course on Gall Bladder dysfunction was ‘over the moon.’ So many clients' faces flashed before my eyes.  The triad of congestion, compression, and dis-coordination of the nervous system is an exquisite way to comprehend how so many somatic problems have this as their physiological source.”

“My body is moving so much more freely after this workshop.”

“Thank you so very much for allowing us to take pictures of the treatment set-ups. 

Am sure this will help me to transfer the learnings.”

“Your presentation of how the body is so interrelated will take my work to a new level.”

“Just do it. It will grow your practice. What clients really want is skilled palpation.”

“Great workshop ! Can’t wait to learn more from Dale.”

“Your teaching style was elegant and synthesizing, not overwhelming.”