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Dale G. Alexander, Ph.D. M.A. B.S.Ed. L.M.T.

Author of the Inside-Out Paradigm©

Instructor: Dale G. Alexander Ph.D. MA, BSEd, L.M.T. has had a Clinical Massage Therapy practice in Key West, Fla. since 1980 and has worked with thousands of clients throughout his career.



July 25 & 26, 2019 - Jupiter, FL


"Freeing the Heart” by Releasing the Bodyʼs Central Linkage 

July 25th and 26th 2019

Comfort Inn and Suites

6752 W Indiantown Rd., Jupiter, FL 33458    

16 CE’s approved by Acupuncture, NCB, & Florida Boards

Heart disease is the #1 cause of death, eclipsing all forms of cancer combined. 

Someone has a heart attack every 34 seconds. 

Every 60 seconds, someone in the United States dies from a heart disease-related event. 

What is rarely considered is how the heartʼs progression into dysfunction and disease is a significant factor in “chronic somatic ailments which persist even with competent care.” 

“Fresh blood: filled with oxygen, nutrition, and hormones is the bodyʼs most precious healing resource.” 

Without enough of this healing resource, tissues and cells begin to degrade in their function. 

“Pain is the cry of a nerve for blood,” is one of the oldest axiomʼs in Osteopathic Medicine. 

Freeing the Heart” by Releasing the Bodyʼs Central Linkage is a comprehensive introduction toward how we as allied health practitioners can play a preventative role in its progression. Participants will leave with a more comprehensive understanding of, “how the human body really works.”  Your clients will truly thank you for having taken this course. 

During this workshop participants will learn: 

How to interview a client with chronic symptoms. This will be modeled. 

Somatic markers will be described for when Referral to a Physician is indicated. 

An Assessment Sequence will be demonstrated and practiced. 

Techniques will be presented & practiced that: 

Release the Bodyʼs Core Line and Central Linkage(s).

Enhance the heartʼs ability to pump more blood by reducing resistances to its expansion. 

Restore the mechanisms that naturally assist venous & lymphatic return. 

Decrease the tone of the Nervous Systemʼs Fight / Flight / Freeze responses and enhance the neural outflow of its Rest and Restore capacity. 

Reduce common obstacles to the return of raw blood products to the heart/lung complex. 

Enhancing your Competence is how you expand your client base and grow your prosperity... 


This course will do both!


Pre-registration:  $300.00                                        

After July 1, 2019:  $345.00                                  

Write checks to: Averell Dadone-Duche LMT 

                         12784 82nd Ln N

                          West Palm Beach FL 33412 

Averell’s cell: 561-310-9012

email: heartwingswp@comcast.net

What to Bring:

Loose fitting, layered clothing to ensure easy movement and your warmth in A/C; blankets, pillows and massage table (if driving to the workshop); food items to balance your blood sugar, as needed.

Extra Clinic Day:

Wednesday 7/24/19 there will be a Clinic day at Averell’s home.

Dale will take 5 appointments. There is a $35.00 charge to observe.

“Thank you for organizing your thoughts & theories so clearly & being willing to share your wealth of knowledge & understanding!”

“Life-changing as to my ability to help my clients!”

“So many light bulbs went off! I can’t wait to see my next client!”

“Cannot improve on perfection!  You are a great communicator & easy to follow!”

“The idea that what goes on Inside rules how we function will transform what I do with my clients.”

“I never considered the role of the esophagus in how it may influence head position.”

“After taking this workshop, I will treat clients with whiplash very differently.”

“I have so many clients with Low Back issues. Now I have the skills to more effectively assist them.”

“Phenomenally effective work! Essential for clients with chronic conditions.”

“Soup to nuts, a practical & comprehensive course. The finest I’ve experienced.”

“The simplicity of the techniques & the power of the effect was incredible!”

“An amazing course in understanding the internal & ‘unseen’ impact on cervical dysfunction.”

“A concise course that will help a broad spectrum of my clients’ needs.”

“Very informative, intellectually challenging yet, easy to understand. All of the information tied together beautifully. Your courses provide large pieces of the puzzle so that we can make lasting healing changes with our clients.”

“Your course on Gall Bladder dysfunction was ‘over the moon.’ So many clients' faces flashed before my eyes.  The triad of congestion, compression & dis-coordination of the nervous system is an exquisite way to comprehend how so many somatic problems have this as their physiological source.”

“My body is moving so much more freely after this workshop.”

“Thank you so very much for allowing us to take pictures of the treatment set-ups. 

Am sure this will help me to transfer the learnings.”

“Your presentation of how the body is so interrelated will take my work to a new level.”

“Just do it. It will grow your practice. What clients really want is skilled palpation.”

“Great workshop! Can’t wait to learn more from Dale.”

“Your teaching style was elegant & synthesizing, not overwhelming.”