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Dale G. Alexander, Ph.D. M.A. B.S.Ed. L.M.T.

Author of the Inside-Out Paradigm©

Your clients will truly thank you for having taken these courses!

Dale G. Alexander Ph.D. MA, BSEd, L.M.T., named 2016 CE Provider of the Year by the Alliance for Massage Therapy Education, has had a Clinical Massage Therapy practice in Key West, Florida since 1980 and has worked with 45,000 clients throughout his career.

In most cases registration is at 8:30 on the first day (Saturday) of the workshop, and early registration is until a month ahead of the workshop date.  Early registration (tuition) is $325; thereafter it becomes $350.

Dale’s introduction:

With humility, I have been incredibly lucky in my life to have had exceptional teachers who laid a foundation for how to serve those with chronic dysfunction ... and now with even more gratitude to those clients who were divinely sent to me to further my education into many of the progressions of the aging process.

The visceral organs and their suspensory ligaments have been left out of most Western Models of healing.  Simply stated, they are slung down and forward from the cranial base and from the anterior cervical spine all the way to the pelvic floor.

The tensions of our overlapping suspensory ligaments which interconnects our organs from the head, neck and to additional sites along the axial spine are our first responders to ongoing stress, illness and the echoes of recent or long-ago traumatic events.

The sequence in chronic conditions typically may be described as the ligaments tightening over time thus, displacing the bones toward the edge of their joint capsules which stimulates the surrounding myofascial soft tissues to protect them. Once this palace guard function has been activated, range of motion decreases and ischemia ensues which perpetuates the presence of ongoing chronic pain.

In each course, time is devoted to comprehending and blending how to release this internal linkage, restoring blood and nerve flow, re-seating the humeral and femoral heads of the shoulders and hips and toward normalizing the kinetic chain of normal movement patterns.  



The Inside-Out Paradigm©

Resolving Low Back Dysfunction & Pain

Ft. Myers, Florida

Saturday, Jan. 30, and Sunday Jan. 31, 2021

Pre-registration 8:30 Saturday / 9am-6pm

16 NCB CE's

Contact: Tanya Crossman PTA/Island Yoga Health & Wellness



Tuition: Earlybird Sign-up: $325 (a month ahead)

Thereafter: $350

This course features elements of anatomy and physiology not taught by anyone else Dale has ever encountered. Dale’s insight into anatomy, the relationships between structures and their impact on physiological functioning are so very valuable. These relationships will reveal the “how and why” so many suffer for so long.

Many clients can be helped when you have the knowledge, skill sets, and the courage/compassion to assist them toward restoring their quality of life.

This course will provide you the essential skill set of Muscle Energy Techniques for the Lumbar vertebrae along with re-calibrating large body reflexes and mobilizing the visceral elements that are the primary contributors toward structural distortions which together are the more common sources of low back pain.

Additionally, you will learn many kinesthetic exercises that support the recovery of chronic low back dysfunction and pain. These exercises make profound differences in a client’s recovery. We are educators as well as therapists and this course bridges both realms of our profession.

“Until old blood moves out, new blood cannot provide the nutrients, oxygen and hormones needed for healing to occur,” Dale explains. “Only a systemic approach offers this possibility.”

This course provides you with the whole-body perspective to assist your clients every time you step up to your table.

What to Bring to Workshops: Massage table, linens, & 2 pillows.

Attire during technique practice exchange needs to allow access to the abdomen… sports bra and shorts or underwear. Light blanket to provide warmth as may be needed in A/C. Packed lunch, beverages, and snacks to keep your blood sugar level.

In addition to the two day course work, Dale is offering an additional Clinic Day and a chance to observe him work or to receive a session.

Tutorial Sessions with Dale

Mini-clinic to observe and/or receive bodywork/Monday, Feb. 1

Bodywork one-hour session fee - $175

Observer/Tutorial fee - $50

15 minutes of discussion after each session. The fee is the same  whether you stay for one session or the full day of 5.

Session times are: 9a, 10:15a, 11:30a, 1:45p, and 3p.

Contact Tanya Crossman (contact info shown above) for more information or to register for a tutorial session.

“Thank you for organizing your thoughts & theories so clearly & being willing to share your wealth of knowledge & understanding!”

“Life-changing as to my ability to help my clients!”

“So many light bulbs went off! I can’t wait to see my next client!”

“Cannot improve on perfection!  You are a great communicator & easy to follow!”

“The idea that what goes on Inside rules how we function will transform what I do with my clients.”

“I never considered the role of the esophagus in how it may influence head position.”

“After taking this workshop, I will treat clients with whiplash very differently.”

“I have so many clients with Low Back issues. Now I have the skills to more effectively assist them.”

“Phenomenally effective work! Essential for clients with chronic conditions.”

“Soup to nuts, a practical & comprehensive course. The finest I’ve experienced.”

“The simplicity of the techniques & the power of the effect was incredible!”

“An amazing course in understanding the internal & ‘unseen’ impact on cervical dysfunction.”

“A concise course that will help a broad spectrum of my clients’ needs.”

“Very informative, intellectually challenging yet, easy to understand. All of the information tied together beautifully. Your courses provide large pieces of the puzzle so that we can make lasting healing changes with our clients.”

“Your course on Gall Bladder dysfunction was ‘over the moon.’ So many clients' faces flashed before my eyes.  The triad of congestion, compression & dis-coordination of the nervous system is an exquisite way to comprehend how so many somatic problems have this as their physiological source.”

“My body is moving so much more freely after this workshop.”

“Thank you so very much for allowing us to take pictures of the treatment set-ups. 

Am sure this will help me to transfer the learnings.”

“Your presentation of how the body is so interrelated will take my work to a new level.”

“Just do it. It will grow your practice. What clients really want is skilled palpation.”

“Great workshop! Can’t wait to learn more from Dale.”

“Your teaching style was elegant & synthesizing, not overwhelming.”