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The Inside-Out Paradigm© - Resolving Low Back Dysfunction & Pain

If you are ready to expand your skill sets, your desire to learn will be richly rewarded!

This course features elements of anatomy and physiology not taught by anyone else Dale has ever encountered.  Dale’s insight into anatomy, the relationships between structures and their impact on physiological functioning are so very valuable.  These relationships will reveal how and why so many suffer for so long.

Many clients can be helped when you have the knowledge, skill sets and the courage and compassion to assist them toward restoring their quality of life.

This course will provide you the essential skill set of Muscle Energy Techniques for the Lumbar vertebrae along with re-calibrating large body reflexes and mobilizing the visceral elements that are the primary contributors toward structural distortions.  Together these influences perpetuate low back dysfunction and pain.

Additionally, you will learn many kinesthetic exercises that support the recovery of chronic low back dysfunction and pain.  These exercises make profound differences in a client’s recovery.  We are educators as well as therapists and this course bridges both realms of our profession.

Dale explains that “until old blood moves out, new blood cannot provide the nutrients, oxygen and hormones needed for healing to occur” and that “only a systemic approach offers this possibility.”

This course provides you with a whole-body perspective to assist your clients every time you step up to your table.

What to Bring: Massage table, linens and 3 pillows.

Attire during technique practice exchange needs to allow access to the abdomen: sports bra and shorts or underwear. 

Light blanket to provide warmth as may be needed in A/C. Packed lunch, beverages and snacks to keep your blood sugar level.

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