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The Inside-Out Paradigm© - Visceral Mobilization

The Inside-Out Paradigm© invites you to consider that many musculoskeletal ailments are associated with states of systemic congestion that often reflect the the early progressions of multiple organ dysfunctions. 

We can now add the COVID-19 long haulers to this list who exhibit ongoing respiratory, cardiovascular, and neurological echoes along with their associated musculoskeletal aches and pains. The COVID pandemic has also taught us that those with underlying and often undiagnosed diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular & pulmonary diseases are most vulnerable to its affects. Bottomline, clients with chronic ailments present with a triad of: “I hurt,” “I have no energy,” and “I can’t move the way I need to.”

Central to restoring normal function and reducing pain is rebooting the vascular system’s capacity to return raw blood products to the heart/lung complex. On a moment to moment basis 60-80% our venous and lymphatic fluids are circulating “below the diaphragm muscle.” The heart/lung complex truly needs the timely return of these fluids to create freshly oxygenated and nutritious “new blood.” 

Recycling is not an abstract concept within the human body. It is “the essential reality.” Enhancing the production of life renewing and healing blood is central to how we assist our clients.

During This Course You Will Learn:

How to assist systemic venous and lymphatic drainage with greater efficiency by stimulating both micro and macro circulation.

How to clear the Common Bile Duct promoting the flow of bile and pancreatic juices and enzymes. The complete absorption of nutrition depends on these fluids.

How to mobilize the Small and Large Intestines thus, relieving the pressure into the low back and reducing the downward pull on the axial skeleton.

How to relieve the pressure within the thoracic cage thus, allowing the heart and lungs more room to expand.  

How to relieve the pressure build-up within the cranial vault thus, facilitating vagal outflow through the jugular foramen.

When to refer clients for medical testing and support.

What to Bring: Massage table, linens and 3 pillows.

Attire during technique practice exchange needs to allow access to the abdomen: sports bra and shorts or underwear. 

Light blanket to provide warmth as may be needed in A/C. Packed lunch, beverages and snacks to keep your blood sugar level.

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